TheatrE Festival

Macedonian Theater Festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski” – founded in 1965 and named after the pioneer of the Macedonian drama – Vojdan Chernodrinski. The festival has a competitive character and shows the most successful theatre plays in North Macedonia. The 54th edition of the festival was a year of transformation. I was challenged to rejuvenate the identity of the festival and create a remarking logo.

This year, the organization’s challenge w as to oppose the nostalgic views of better times in the theatre production, to confirm the quality of the present. Inspired by the past to create today, I reinvent the vintage aesthetics of Yugoslavia with contemporary color selection and connotation, intending to bring back the younger audience and trig curiosity. The visual identity displays the anthological YU design of a clock, present in every Yugoslavian federal institution in the times of the rise of the theatre, except for now, without clock arrows-assembling timeless feeling.

Offline campaign: poster, city banners,
brouchure, promo materials
Digital campaign: visual content for social media

Creative directors: Petar Antevski & Ana Stojanovska
Art director: Ana Stojanovska
Visual designer: Ana Stojanovska
Photography: Zarko Culic
Model: Liljana DzinlevaDuba