Our Creative Hour

Our Creative Hour is and initiative inspired by young professionals from the creative industries, Ana Stojanovska as art director and conceptualist and Denica Bojarovska as communication strategist and copywrighter. The initiative was supported by the Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21 and was launched as digital space to inspire, motivate and engage different target groups. #OurCreativeHour brings together various professionals, artists and communication experts who share their knowledge and experience, and give practical skills in one creative hour using the concept of digital storytelling.

The initiative targets everyone with desire to hear from ‘first hand’ and will to engage with the power of the creative expression. What makes #OurCreativeHour different from other establish platforms for creative talks is that our selected creative speakers provide full concept with practical guidelines and skills for the topic that engage the audience during the creative hour. Additionally, the audience contribute with their created creative expressions using the gained skills and inspiration after each creative hour.

Creative director: Ana Stojanovska
Communication strategist: Denica Bojarovska
Project manager: Zorica Velkovska
Visual designer: Ana Stojanovska
Video edit: Marsben