What’s the purpose of being here and now? We function in the Ether, but are we really there?! Thoughts are wandering in the space, yet we’re absent more than ever before. Ether is an interactive audio-visual performance which is examining alienation and indifference of the people today. The concept is inspired of people’s interaction with the five elements: water, air, wood, earth, fire and metal; and the man, who can be carried away by impulses, or stand firmly behind them and opposing.  

I was invited to give life to the concept by visualising promotional campaign for the performance. The idea for the visualization of the campaign is a created scenography that resembles a fictitious space created by light in order to illustrate a closed circle, absence, and through the performer and the dynamics of the choreography to show the confusion of emotions and quest for a way out.

Offline campaign: poster, flyers, tickets, banners
Digital campaign: Promo video, Concept&Design for social media

Promo campaign concept: Ana Stojanovska
Art director: Ana Stojanovska
Video production: Marsben
Visual designer: Ana Stojanovska
Model and performer: Ivana Balabanova