Dance League

My 3 year collaboration with the dance studio Beatrix was crowned by their invite to work on the anniversary campaign for the 5th biggest Dance Camp on the Balkan taking place in Skopje.
The week lasting event hosting over 100 international dancers, mentors, competitors and workshops was presented by 360° digital campaign that I managed in design, concept and multimedia deliverables.

The concept for the promo video produced on behalf of the campaign is layering 5 key messages and one colour that leaves mark showing expressive emotion in every move of the dancer in the motion.
Producing the promo video was insightful process that gave us opportunity to catch the most powerful dance movements in series of photography used for the creation of the visual design.

Offline campaign: poster, tickets, banners, flyer
Digital campaign: promo video, website, concept&design for social media 

Promo campaign concept: Ana Stojanovska
Art director: Ana Stojanovska
Video production: Marsben
Visual/graphic designer: Ana Stojanovska
Model and performer: Ivana Balabanova